Lydia Mba is a freelance illustrator from Spain specializing in the children's market. As a child, she developed a great interest in drawing and painting. She studied illustration at ESDIP, an art school in Madrid. After finishing her studies, she started working in Video game companies as a colorist and illustrator for 5 years. Then she decided to fully dedicate herself to illustration by working as a freelance artist. Since then she has worked on numerous projects for clients all around the world, creating illustrations for children's books, educational and advertising material. She works digitally creating vibrant illustrations full of beautiful colors and characters full of personality. Illustration is her passion. She lives and breathes art at all hours.

Museo Nacional de Antropología (Spain)
Auzou Editions
Benchmark Education Company
Pendulo Studios
Palabrero Press
The Quarto Group Inc.
Dommo Agency